Dunmore Gets 10X Speed, Eliminates Outages with Ecessa

Dunmore uses Ecessa

When you look up at the night sky, some of those tiny, twinkling specks may be space vehicles bearing Dunmore materials. Dunmore is an global design and manufacturing company specializing in coated, laminated and metalized films. With corporate headquarters located in Bristol, Pennsylvania and additional manufacturing facilities in Brewster, New York and Freiburg, Germany, Dunmore products can be found in everything from wall coverings here on earth to vehicles traveling through space, including the International Space Station and New Horizons.

Dunmore has made their name by driving innovation, designing and manufacturing highly reliable products and exceeding their customers’ expectations.

In order to maintain their good name and to keep delivering on their commitments, Dunmore needed a solution to address the connectivity outages that were the result of a poorly performing MPLS circuit. As Vince Sullivan, IT Manager at Dunmore, put it “We’re in two areas that have copper problems. The wind blows and a line goes bad.”

Sullivan and his system integrator Mike Stanwick at Advanced Micro Computer Specialists, Inc. selected Ecessa ClariLink to provide automatic failover when MPLS circuits go down. In addition, they’re using it to ensure their Broadview cloud-based hosted VoIP calls never drop. The return on investment is compelling.

“We spend about the same money today on fiber internet service as we did in our old MPLS configuration,” said Sullivan.  “However, the speed has increased about 3X in New York and 10X in Pennsylvania.” Read the case study >>

Read the Dunmore Case Study