Q&A: Does Ecessa do VPN Failover?

VPN failover

We were asked recently if all of our solutions enable VPN failover and traffic shaping. The answer is yes! All of our models have features that add this functionality to a customer’s existing VPNs. Most of our models even create the VPNs.

Ecessa models support VPN failover and traffic shaping in one of two ways:

  1. By creating the VPNs (Ecessa models: PowerLink and WANworX)
  2. By supporting a network that has existing VPNs enabled by a firewall

Here’s the scoop:

Ecessa Edge doesn’t create the VPNs, but it does offer VPN failover and traffic shaping to VPN traffic. Its multi-WAN functionality facilitates the fail over of VPN traffic between WAN connections, can set routes to send VPNs over preferred connections, and can establish Quality of Service rules to prioritize and guarantee bandwidth to VPN traffic.

If you are currently using a firewall to create your VPNs and plan to continue using it, any Ecessa model will facilitate VPN failover.

PowerLink and WANworX models include basic firewall functionality that supports encryption and the actual creation/termination of VPNs, as well as the other features listed above. If you don’t have a firewall, or would like to retire your existing firewall and have a consolidated Ecessa unit create and manage your VPNs, then PowerLink or WANworX may suit your needs.

Ecessa provides flexibility and choice when it comes to enabling VPN failover, prioritization, and guaranteed bandwidth.

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