Beverage Distributor for Pepsi Stays Ahead of the IT Curve

Have you thought about how rapidly technology changes? In about a decade and a half, our connection speeds went from 56k to megabits. And in the last few years alone, we went from megabits to hundreds of megabits. With advancements happening every day, who knows what’s next?

We may not be able to predict exactly what’s next, but we can prepare for for the future. That’s how Jim Hill, Director of IT at Admiral Beverage, a beverage production and distribution company, describes his network.

In our interview with Hill he says, “As a company we need to evolve with technology. I see Ecessa giving us the potential to evolve in that way.”

Is your company in a position to evolve? Read how Admiral Beverage—a company that manages Pepsi’s distribution—went from a 1.5 MB line to having high-speed connections at a low cost.

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