Answering The Call For Expanded K-12 Connectivity: Bandwidth in Education

bandwidth in education K-12 connectivity

Technology has created new network realities for almost every industry. When it comes to demands for bandwidth in education, the need and the stakes are higher than ever. Districts already have or will soon permit classroom use of student mobile devices. Online courses have been incorporated into curriculum and online testing infrastructures are a must as educational institutions look for ways to use the Internet to scale, just like other industries.

The FCC has released an ambitious proposal for all schools and libraries to be outfitted with high-speed Internet access by 2019, because if you’re not fully connect, you’re behind the curve.

Interested in these new demands and how to meet them? Take a look for yourself:


Answering the call for expanded K-12 connectivity - an infographic

Answering the call for expanded K-12 connectivity: an infographic


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