Pineapple Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: PEGY) includes JDL Technologies, Ecessa and Pineapple Energy. Pineapple Holdings, Inc. would like to publicly reiterate our commitment to creating a culture of inclusion that supports a diverse work environment. 

At Pineapple Holdings, Inc., our aim is to inspire everyone to work and live harmonious lives of real worth. When today, outside Pineapple Holdings, Inc. we see lives, specifically black lives, being threatened, oppressed, and marginalized, we feel compelled to restate that Pineapple Holdings, Inc. unequivocally stands against racism. The Pineapple Holdings, Inc. leadership team works to ensure that our core values drive an inclusive culture. We understand that it is this diversity that will enable us to continue being a leading-edge, relevant, and successful enterprise in an ever-changing world.

Pineapple Holdings, Inc. is committed to workplace diversity and fosters a culture of inclusion. We believe that no one should have to defend their lives because of their race, national origin, age sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, or disability. Our workforce is comprised of members from diverse backgrounds, cultures and perspectives, and these attributes make Pineapple Holdings, Inc. stronger and best positioned to serve the needs of our stakeholders and our communities. We have the responsibility to create a safe environment and to respect the dignity and diversity of all people and therefore have made this a core value. We support what we feel is fair and just for everyone which includes:

  • Everyone should have the right to live in freedom, peace, and safety.
  • Everyone who holds power also has a moral responsibility to listen and respond equitably and without prejudice when confronted with injustice and inequality.
  • Everyone should have the right to assemble, express their beliefs, and have their voice heard.
  • Everyone should have the right to justice and due process.

At all levels within Pineapple Holdings, Inc., we listen, share opinions, value differing views, and provide a welcoming and inclusive work environment.  We have a responsibility to positively impact others, and we welcome that opportunity. Our customers, suppliers, partners, and shareholders rely on our employees to be leaders in the community and to set an example for others to follow. 

Pineapple Holdings, Inc. is pleased to say we employ some of the best and brightest individuals who also come from a variety of backgrounds. Our employees are committed to inclusion not only for themselves, but for Pineapple Holdings, Inc. and our communities.