WASHINGTON, DC — August 15, 2016 — Telecom Consulting Group (TCG) a master agency based out of Florida announced today at the Channel Partners Evolution conference a strategic partnership with Ecessa. The partnership will provide business networking solutions that improve enterprise cloud performance and eliminate network outages for TCG’s clients.

Ecessa’s range of wide area network products complements the telecommunications services TCG currently provides to its global client base. Ecessa services leverage multiple communication links to eliminate Internet downtime and ensure uninterrupted access to data center and cloud-based applications. The technology ensures optimal performance of real-time applications, including Citrix, Voice over IP (VoIP), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and cloud-based systems, which are vulnerable to service issues such as latency, jitter and line failure.

“We selected Ecessa because they are a specialized, best-in-service provider that will save our clients time and money by strengthening their network infrastructure and providing resilient connections to the cloud and Internet,” said Dan Pirigyi, partner at TCG. “We recommend redundant networks for our customers because it’s the smart thing to do. Not only do clients get peace of mind that their network will always be available, they get additional bandwidth that’s usable all the time. This has become both practical and affordable thanks to providers like Ecessa. Their technology makes coax and other public Internet services viable for business networks.”

Among the drivers for rising bandwidth needs are cloud-based applications, UCaaS, VoIP, and business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.

Ecessa’s wide area networking technology ensures business continuity for businesses of all sizes, from single location companies that rely on Internet and cloud-based applications for business operations, to enterprises and multinational organizations with geographically dispersed branch offices.

The company’s software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) offering, WANworXTM, links multiple business locations into one seamless, highly available network, using any available carrier services, and can reliably supplement existing Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks with low-cost broadband services.

“Ecessa is partnering with companies that have the vision and focus to be successful,” said Eric Brooker, Vice President of sales and marketing at Ecessa. “The power of SD-WAN for channel partners is being able to provide any type of network their clients need. TCG’s strength in this regard gives them a distinct advantage for delivering successful SD-WAN solutions.”

“SD-WAN is a game changing technology that will significantly impact the market,” Pirigyi said. “We’re leading this change with our clients to lower their costs and improve service. Ecessa has the product line and scalability to serve our small and mid-market customers with the entry level Ecessa EdgeTM and take it all the way through the enterprise with SD-WAN. Their engineers are forward thinking and their products are leading edge. Ecessa has proven to be an industry leader in wide area networking. Ecessa also delivers the level of support we expect.”