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PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA — March 8, 2016 — Expert Technology Associates (ETA), full-service business communications provider based in Pennsylvania and serving over 1,800 customers throughout the US and abroad, today announced a strategic partnership with Ecessa Corporation to provide business networking solutions that improve cloud and Internet performance and eliminate network outages. Ecessa’s range of wide area network controllers complement the unified voice & data communications solutions Expert Technology Associates currently provide.

Ecessa appliances leverage multiple communication links to eliminate Internet downtime and ensure uninterrupted access to cloud-based applications. The technology ensures optimal performance of real-time applications, including Citrix, Voice over IP (VoIP), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and cloud-based systems, which are vulnerable to service issues such as latency, jitter and line failure.

On average, businesses lose between $84,000 and $108,000 for every hour of IT system downtime, according to estimates from studies and surveys performed by Networking Computing, Meta Group and Contingency Planning Research. Financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing and energy lead the list of industries with a high rate of revenue loss during latency and downtimes.

“Ecessa is a best-in-service provider that will help us to save our clients time and money by strengthening their network infrastructure and providing redundant connections to the cloud and Internet,” said Bill Quinlan, Vice President at Expert Technology Associates. “As more critical business functions are moved to the cloud, relying a single connection to the Internet is no longer viable. In addition to the risk of ISP [Internet service provider] outages cutting a business off entirely from its core applications, poor line quality can result in slow applications and frustrated employees and customers. Ecessa WAN link controllers keeps businesses up and running. It saves our clients from losing productivity and money during network downtime.”

Ecessa units are deployed around the globe. Ecessa technology ensures business continuity for small businesses with one location as well as enterprises and multinational organizations with geographically dispersed branch offices. The company’s SD-WAN offering, WANworX™, links multiple business locations into one seamless, highly available network, using any available carrier services, and can reliably supplement existing MPLS networks with low cost broadband services.

“Enterprise IT professionals are struggling with network issues and aren’t aware that solutions like Ecessa exist, let alone how much they can help their bottom line. We’re here to solve their problems,” said Quinlan. ” We help businesses in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and their offices around the world communicate, collaborate, stay connected and be protected.”

About Ecessa Corporation
Ecessa designs and manufactures networking hardware and software that provides constant and seamless network connectivity for businesses. The company’s line of WAN controllers has over 10,000 field installations. Ecessa PowerLink™, ShieldLink™, ClariLink™ and WANworX™ controllers enable organizations of all sizes to use any type of private or public network bandwidth to reliably run their Internet and cloud-based applications, connect their offices worldwide and distribute traffic among a fabric of multiple, diverse WAN links, ensuring business continuity by removing bottlenecks and eliminating network downtime. The company’s SD-WANtechnology optimizes Never Down™ performance of business-critical applications, aids in lowering IT costs, and makes it easier to provision, maintain and support business networks and the applications that run over them. For more information about Ecessa’s partner program, call 800.669.6242 or visit

About Expert Technology Associates
Expert Technology Associates is an award winning provider of business communications, cloud and connectivity solutions. ETA designs, implements and manages unified voice & data communications solutions that help reduce costs, increase productivity and enable seamless, boundless collaboration. Our full range of solutions includes on-premise, cloud-based and virtualized IP business telephone systems, audio & web conferencing, Unified Communications (UC) applications, tools that enable mobility and collaboration, call center management systems, managed business continuity and network security services and more. For more information, call 610.828.0800 or visit

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