Minneapolis, MN – November 18, 2016: Ecessa, a leading software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) provider, announces the release of a virtual instance option to their leading SD-WAN product portfolio, WANworXTM. The virtualized instance offers customers the same capabilities as the physical appliance—increased bandwidth and network reliability—through the most cost effective, scalable and flexible solution available.

Ecessa’s virtual instance is a full featured SD-WAN solution for virtualized environments; providing a multi-tenant, scalable, cost effective platform for headquarters, data center or Co-Lo instances. The virtual product seamlessly integrates all the benefits of Ecessa’s WANworX physical appliance, including Never DownTM SD-WAN, providing intelligence and control of all WAN connection types, from any provider, even in the most challenging network environments. Combined with Ecessa’s web-based network management product, Ecessa InsightTM, this complete solution allows customers to configure, monitor, act and report on all network connection functions via the web.

“Ecessa’s SD-WAN technology has been on the forefront for many years,” said Mike Siegler, Vice President of Development and Technical Support at Ecessa. “Ecessa leads in the SD-WAN space; our virtual product is incredibly flexible, and provides unmatched scalability and cost saving opportunities for our customers.”

Ecessa’s unique combination of innovative software, reliable network design and support services, allows organizations with multiple locations, to combine private MPLS/T1 leased lines and public broadband links to create secure, high capacity and resilient networks.

Ecessa’s virtual product improves user experience over any connection, whether premium priced MPLS, lower cost broadband, or cellular 4G or LTE. When coupling the potential savings in deploying lower cost transports and reduced IT management, with the efficiencies derived from increased bandwidth and always connected or active-active networks, businesses can justify an SD-WAN deployment.

“Our virtual instances are just that, virtual,” said Siegler. “This solution works with existing server infrastructure and doesn’t take up any additional rack space for our customers, and it’s easily accessible from a browser-based application.”

Ecessa’s WANworX product line manages the flow of traffic over all lines, giving predictable application performance regardless of link quality, WAN disruptions, jitter, delay or packet loss. WANworX monitors and adjusts traffic paths in real time for exceptional application performance. Users can also configure a redundant “standby” unit to seamlessly take over in the unlikely event of a hardware failure, adding another layer of redundancy and peace of mind for your network.

For more detailed information on Ecessa WANworX, go to https://www.ecessa.com/products#wanworx