With cybercrime and ransomware attacks at an all-time high, a periodic IT Assessment is important to identify security risks and opportunities to improve your IT environment. You want to ensure your systems are running optimally and you are averting ever increasing cybersecurity attacks. With the help of our business partners, Ecessa is expanding its services to help you uncover the good, the bad and the truly ugly parts of your IT environment – and recommend improvements.

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Non-Intrusive IT Assessments

In most cases the scans are completed in well under an hour. Our assessment team gathers data in a safely encrypted file and leave no traces of our activity.

Risk Scoring

We use specially designed algorithms to uncover and assess threats to your network. Your risk score allows you to prioritize the remediation of individual issues and measure network health over time.

Network Health and Resiliency

Internet outages are frequent among all service providers and even carriers with the best reputations can’t prevent a backhoe from cutting a fiber optic link. Our experts examine your network to identify areas of vulnerability, from connectivity and bandwidth allocations through security.

How does an IT Assessment work?

  • Meeting: We meet with you to better understand your systems and answer your questions.
  • Scanning: We run our non-intrusive scans of your network.
  • Reporting: A concise, meaningful report is produced for your company to review.
  • Reviewing: We meet with you to review risks and offer our recommendations.

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