Minneapolis, MN – March 23, 2017: Ecessa, a leading provider of software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solutions, is pleased to have been recognized as an industry leader in CRN’s 2017 Software Defined Data Center 50.

“Ecessa is excited to be named one of CRN’s top 50 WAN providers; we’re included amongst good company, and it’s great to be recognized in the field,” said the President and CEO at Ecessa. “Ecessa’s WANworXTM SD-WAN product is a flexible solution that grows right along with our clients’ business needs, allowing them to scale the technology as they grow.”

CRN compiled a list of 50 companies on the forefront of developing the software-defined data center. As noted on CRN.com, a software-defined data center replaces proprietary hardware-based server, storage, networking and other equipment with the equivalent software functionality running on commodity servers. SD-WAN is a major component in making the software-defined data center a reality. By optimizing traffic and guaranteeing transport, the remote data center can have the security and connectivity that was once only available with locally-hosted services.

Ecessa takes a “crawl-walk-run” approach to SD-WAN, providing the appropriate technology solution based on the unique needs of each client. Ecessa provides a simple upgrade strategy allowing clients to upgrade a premises-based or virtual instance as needed with an easy software download. With a wide range of solutions for clients of all sizes, Ecessa has a solution for everyone. The basic Ecessa EdgeTM product provides load balancing and failover, Ecessa PowerLinkTM WAN link controllers add VPN and SIP functionality, up to WANworX which offers full SD-WAN deployment.