In the latest SD-WAN news roundup from Channel Partners, Ecessa CEO Mike Siegler talks about the future of MPLS, which many vendors claim is being displaced by SD-WAN. Siegler disagrees with the notion that customers view MPLS as the root of their problems.

“I think customers find themselves frustrated that they’re spending money on IT – regardless of what that is – and they still have issues. They either still have voice issues, they still have security issues, they still have connectivity issues, and I think they say (even if it’s metro Ethernet or an MPLS or even T1s), ‘I need something better. I need someone to help me improve this,’” Siegler said. “They’re not saying, ‘I hate my MPLS. I want to get rid of it.’ They’re just saying, ‘I need to solve these network problems.’”

For Siegler, there should not be pressure to abandon MPLS. The right solution for a customer might be to augment it.

“We can make any network better,” he said. “We’ve had a lot of customers who have an MPLS. The MPLS lets them down once in a while or isn’t performing where they want it to. We can help them integrate other low cost bandwidth – be it broadband, cable, whatever – and we make those circuits work better together than individually.”

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