Our customers love how Ecessa WAN solutions make their jobs easier and organizations more successful– but don’t take our word for it.


You don’t have to take our word for it. Just read the testimonials below and you’ll understand why our customers are so eager to recommend Ecessa to their colleagues. We’re sure you will be too!

Of all the vendors we have, Ecessa is the most responsive, helpful and easy to work with. It’s a testament to a great organization and technology partner to have by our side! Thank you always for your prompt and quick assistance!

Keith Sauer

System Administrator
Diamond Credit Union

Ecessa is a solid solution that does what it is supposed to do, and it hasn’t let us–or our customers–down.

Mark Griep

Network Administrator
Fidelity Bank

Thanks to WANworX, our communications network is now so reliable, we’ve been able to reduce not only our communication link costs, but also implement VDI and scale way back on our investment in servers and storage equipment at remote locations. We can confidently install thin-clients and IP phones — which, by the way, saves us tremendous amounts of time as well as money.”

Jim Nonn

Egan Company

When hundreds of students need to download 100 MB files, you want to leverage all your available bandwidth, instead of having backup lines just sitting there idle.

Travis Rogers

Director of Technology
St. Joseph's Academy

If we experience an Internet outage, it essentially puts us out of business in providing care. This can be life-threatening when dealing with the often serious medical issues of the population we serve. Ecessa’s PowerLink™ is especially helpful for us, as we need the flexibility to provide healthcare any place, any time.

Lee Cowgill

Network Administrator
Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program

We’re definitely seeing the value in what we purchased the Ecessa units for in the first place, with improvements to Guest Internet, operations VPN and automatic failover. Now, we’ve started using Ecessa Insight monitoring and management tool too.

Shawn Slater

National Property Network Engineer
Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

The fact that PowerLink becomes the authoritative DNS for our domain was a huge deal for us, and we really needed to know that there was a great support network there for us, especially while we learned how to use the product. I would have to say that Ecessa has the best support team I have ever worked with in 16 years in the industry.

Dan Chase

Vice President of Global IT
Bite Communications

Today, we have three Internet connections, including two DSL circuits and one business-class cable link. All three network connections come from three different service providers. Now, if we have a problem with a service provider we don’t feel trapped or locked in. We have the flexibility to add or remove network connections and ISPs as we need, without affecting our users. Ecessa has enabled us to have quite a bit of redundancy on many fronts. In the future we may even consider adding a wireless link to diversify even further.

Zack Clobes

IT Manager
Hutchinson Credit Union

When your ability to compete is measured in minutes, you can’t waste a second with unreliable Internet connections. Ecessa allows us to add far more devices and look five years ahead. Some competitive products don’t have the ability to grow with your enterprise.

Thomas Fitzgerald

Network Engineer
Sunstone Circuits

Our Ecessa Powerlink seems to run flawlessly all the time. This unit is easy to configure. We have made several adjustments to Authoritative DNS as we turned up some URLs on the outside. We did it ourselves without help from the help desk. When we do need the help desk they answer right away and are extremely knowledgeable with the exact answers we need with no fishing around.

Gary Carpenter

Network Administrator
Lancer Corporation

My original and primary vendor had a fiber cut which of course dropped our services immediately. Your appliance was flawless with all traffic switched over within a second. Guess what, exactly ZERO people called in about the outage! A couple months earlier and I would’ve had over 100 calls and been unable to do anything. Now it was (almost) a normal day. That was cool!

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