Companies Certify SIP and Hosted Voice Service with SD-WAN Access Device for Voice

Minneapolis, MN – January 5, 2017: nexVortex, a leader in Cloud Communications and an industry expert in SIP Trunking and Ecessa, a leader in SD-WAN solutions, jointly announced the successful completion of interoperability testing between the widely deployed nexVortex SIP Trunking and nexVortex hosted voice services, with the Ecessa EdgeTM product, an SD-WAN appliance.

Enterprise customers using the nexVortex SIP Trunking Service for IP-based voice and the Ecessa Edge product as a Wide Area Network (WAN) access device, now get the economic and scaling benefit of SIP combined with the WAN link failover and load balancing of the Ecessa Edge product. This combination provides networks greater reliability, higher availability, greater bandwidth, and better redundancy. The same holds for customers subscribing to the nexVortex hosted voice offering (in lieu of a premise-based PBX) while using the Ecessa Edge as an access device.

The testing included verifying interoperability with the nexVortex SIP service and nexVortex hosted voice offering along with forced- failure scenarios while using multiple WAN links. This included a hard disconnect of the primary WAN link, as well as purposefully degrading the quality of the link, and in both scenarios the Ecessa Edge moved the in-progress calls to an alternate WAN link.

While a number of customers are already successfully using nexVortex services combined with the Ecessa Edge, both companies wanted to provide the confidence which comes with formal interop testing.

“We have been delivering commercial service for over 10 years and appreciate what the Ecessa product can do at the edge of the network,” said Wes Rogers, nexVortex founder and chief operating officer. “The ability to use multiple WAN links to deliver a quality voice call provides our SIP Trunking customers, hosted voice customers, and channel partners great confidence when deploying the joint solution.”

“Ecessa and nexVortex are both dedicated to delivering an exceptional customer experience,” said Eric Brooker, Vice President of sales and marketing at Ecessa. “The combination of nexVortex cloud communication services and our Edge product deliver on that promise.”

As older circuit switched infrastructure and equipment are retired at an accelerated rate, solutions like those delivered by nexVortex and Ecessa will continue to grow as Cloud Communication Services becomes the new standard.