Ecessa SD-WAN appliances provide failover and redundancy, keeping your network up and running. The Ecessa Insight™ management tool keeps you informed by notifying you of carrier outages and slowdowns. Who fixes the issues with your carriers today? Time spent calling to open trouble tickets takes valuable time and resources, and often does not result in a quick response – which is not a good use of your time.

Introducing Ecessa Insight+, your network’s personal assistant. Insight+ is a managed service provided by Ecessa’s expert technical team. When an outage occurs, your Ecessa SD-WAN appliance provides failover to prevent any business disruption. An outage alert is also sent to Ecessa’s technical team, who is at the ready to resolve the issue. Ecessa technicians will open, progress and close trouble tickets, getting your network back to optimum health – all without any intervention from your organization. The result is a reliable, Never Down network, with no additional work for your team. Request an Insight+ quote today.

Configure, manage and monitor your WAN link devices with Ecessa Insight

Find out what Ecessa Insight can do for you

1. Monitor

Ecessa Insight+ actively monitors all WAN connections from various carriers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs), investigating each event to verify if it is a carrier or ISP issue. Ecessa also gathers all applicable carrier and ISP information for each site within an organization.

2. Manage

In the event of a carrier or ISP outage, the Ecessa solution will failover as it’s designed to do. The advantage of Insight+, is that the Ecessa support team will open, manage and close the trouble tickets with the customer’s carrier or ISP to investigate the underlying issue. Ecessa will perform as the customer’s proxy, working in its best interest, while interacting with carriers and ISPs.

3. Report

Each month, the Ecessa team provides a detailed analysis of the carrier and ISP status. A summary of any incidents or tickets that may occur is also provided.

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