That’s over $1,000 in free equipment and services.

Why invest in High Availability? If you have an uninterruptable power supply or redundant servers, you understand the value of redundant equipment. Ecessa WAN link controllers are designed to provide automatic network failover when one communication link fails. Continuous network uptime is so critical that many organizations integrate a secondary Ecessa device to serve as a backup to take over if needed. This configuration is referred to as a High Availability pair, or HA pair. Switches are vital in High Availability configurations, so for a limited time*, we’re giving you one.

Our High Availability kit takes some of the burden off your team when deploying worry-free hardware failover. We do the work for you by preconfiguring the switch, eliminating the difficulty of VLAN configuration or the need for you to install multiple switches. The Transition Networks SM24T6DPA switch supports up to 10 WANs.

Make your network even more reliable with an HA Kit from Ecessa and Transition Networks.

You’ll sleep better knowing we’ve got you covered.

*Terms and conditions: Offer expires December 31, 2020. Additional discounts do not apply.

Please contact me about the HA kit.