Tokyo Olympics Bring Out Malware Scams and Phishing Emails

Tokyo Olympics phishing blog header

We hope you are enjoying watching the Tokyo Olympics – safely. As you might expect, cybercriminals and scammers are actively targeting people with Olympics-themed scams. Stay cyberaware so you don’t become a victim.

The FBI issued a public alert this week warning that hackers could attempt to disrupt the Tokyo Olympics. Previous attacks are detailed in an assessment issued by the Cyber Threat Alliance, written in advance of the 2020 games and updated in April 2021.

Some phishing emails have reportedly already targeted athletes and vendors involved in the games.

Fake online streaming services that require you to register are not only scraping personal information, they’re redirecting viewers to bogus cryptocurrency deals, fake dating services and more. Please only watch the Olympic games on trusted, legitimate platforms, don’t drop your personal data and don’t click links from unknown sources.

Take this opportunity to add security awareness training to your cyber hygiene regimen. It’s essential, particularly during current events like the Olympics, to prepare your users to spot and report any suspicious activity!

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