Network Outages Are Scary!

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Have you ever been in the middle of an important deal and your internet went down? What about credit card processing, email, and your CRM? Internet has become imperative to how businesses are run, and the thought of losing that connection to your core functions for any length of time – especially during peak business hours – is downright terrifying.

Delaware Valley Floral Group, experienced just that.

One Valentine’s day, at the heart of the holiday rush, the unthinkable happened.  A fiber cut in Philadelphia took out Delaware Valley Floral Group’s MPLS link. Their printing, wireless, phones, ecommerce – all were in jeopardy of being affected by the cut. The floral shop’s locations with WANworX® carried on business as usual, as network traffic was routed through their secondary broadband connection without any interruptions – in fact the only people that knew what had happened were those that were notified through Ecessa Insight®, Ecessa’s monitoring and management tool.

Read the DVFG SD-WAN Case Study

To learn more about how SD-WAN can create resiliency in your network and prevent loss of revenue due to poor connections, take a look at this short, 2-minute video below.

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