My Take – State of the Industry Update by Mike Siegler, Ecessa CEO

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I had the pleasure of attending the Gartner Symposium & IT Expo and Channel Partners Evolution last month. The experience was enlightening and energizing. Both conferences shed light on macro changes in technology and the future of our industry. Below, I share some of my thoughts and insights.

For me, a big standout today is the overall need for continuous, ubiquitous access to the Internet, and more importantly how the need for data is continuing to grow.


Defined as Artificial or Augmented Intelligence, AI is permeating every business. Much like the Internet of Things (IoT) movement, this technology is changing how businesses operate, market and sell products; from dynamic flight costs (depending on who’s looking and when), to how much a hamburger and fries cost (based on what method used to purchase), AI is impacting all of us in a very real way.

Domino’s Pizza, for example, has leveraged mobile app technology and AI to create a competitive advantage in a crowded space. I recently heard someone say that Domino’s Pizza is a technology company that sells pizza. Now that is a big shift.

How do businesses use this powerful AI technology?  First, you need data – relevant, actionable, clean data. Next, you need fast, ubiquitous access to that data. Lastly, you need smart, finely-tuned algorithms for your business to make sense out of the noise (these back-end analytics are the real magic). Mix it all together and couple that with a fresh, easy-to-use interface for your customers, and you are on your way.

In our space, new call center applications fueled by AI are rapidly changing legacy environments into high-tech dashboards. These applications allow call center representatives to know information about the customer – what services they use, the prices they pay, what tickets they’ve opened, whether or not they are happy. All of this information allows the representative on the line to provide fast, reliable and accurate service to the customer. Customized, personal and real time…a game changer for customer service.


Security is, of course, paramount today. We must protect data while we use it to build on customer satisfaction, maximize profits and establish a reputation as a savvy digital business. If you lose your customers’ trust, it’s over. Security needs to be the cornerstone of your business; keeping customer, client, or patient data secure is now a tenant of good and standard business practice.

For Ecessa, security is much more than just a static firewall. Security is protecting all digital asset types at all times. We ensure multiple layers of security are present for every aspect of our customer businesses and their corporate networks.


Another common theme that emerged was the need for organizations to be flexible. In other words, they need to be adaptable, creative and agile. Many of us have come across the term agile before – a software development methodology where tasks are done in sprints, and an epic is more than just a great literature novel – applying this philosophy to business practices is tougher than many would imagine. Making use of AI, providing exceptional security and reinventing your customers’ experience takes bold, visionary steps forward with agile processes and thinking.

This reality was exceptionally presented by Mike Harris, executive vice president and global head of research at Gartner. Harris said now is the time for organizations to be more adaptive to change. He introduced the ContinuousNEXT approach for leaders to bring in new practices, develop new capabilities and create new ways to succeed. Read Gartner’s news release about ContinuousNEXT that explains each of these imperatives.

Take a listen to my recent interview that was recorded at the Channel Partners Evolution Conference. We discuss the state of SD-WAN technology in today’s market, and how to sift through some of the confusion around the technology and its capabilities. You will hear how Ecessa’s approach is focused, agile and flexible – with customer success and protection at the forefront.

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“Ecessa’s Pledge”

In the end, it takes a trusted partner and a flexible, experienced organization to deliver and get things done – that’s Ecessa. Our heritage, experience and longevity ensure success. With nearly two decades of successful SD-WAN deployments and delighted customers, we have earned trust. With boundless curiosity and talent, our engineers keep innovating and pushing capabilities to meet today’s needs and the anticipated future challenges of our customers. We’re here for the long run and look forward to enabling your business to tackle the demands of AI and other disruptive technologies – transforming your business and the experience for your customers.

We are here to create Never Down™ technologies that run the networks of the future, today.

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