Introducing Ecessa Insight+: Your Network’s New Personal Assistant

Ecessa Insight+ is your network personal assistant

Managing a network can be a complex task, but Ecessa can help with a new managed service for your business network. 

As you know, having a reliable network is imperative to keeping a business up and running and that’s why thousands of businesses have come to rely on Ecessa SD-WAN solutions. Even though Ecessa keeps your network up and running when a circuit fails, someone in your company has to go through the tedious process of opening and resolving a ticket with the carrier or internet service provider (ISP).

But what if you didn’t have to? Introducing Insight+, your network’s personal assistant. Ecessa’s dedicated support team will keep track of your connections and managing the escalation process with your provider so you can focus on what’s important to your business, which probably isn’t tracking trouble tickets.

Hit with an outage? We’re on the case.

With Insight+, your dedicated Ecessa support team will monitor and manage your circuit performance and, in the event an outage occurs, we’ll open a trouble ticket and manage it to resolution. Ecessa acts as your proxy, working in your best interest, while managing the resolution process with your carriers and ISPs. Your IT staff can keep doing productive things.

You can download the Insight+ data sheet here:   Download Now

“We looked at the carrier offered solutions, but that’s kind of like the fox watching the henhouse,” said Jim Nonn, CIO of Egan Companies.

Because Ecessa SD-WAN solutions are carrier agnostic, we aren’t biased and can track the problem down to its root cause.

We’ll get you back up and running STAT.

Ecessa will keep the process moving until the issue has been resolved, and the service ticket resolved. What matters most is keeping your connections seamless and strong, without you having to think about it. You have a business to run, after all. We will prepare a summary report, with the details of each ticket, in your inbox each month. Those reports are important data to have in hand when it’s time to review service contracts.

How does your network stack up?

Insight+ is designed to be an extra member of your IT staff, dedicated to monitoring your ISPs and network connections. Relying on Insight+ will save your business time, money, and resources — not to mention a good deal of stress. If a line goes down, Insight+ generates an alert so the Ecessa support team can immediately begin fixing the issue with your carrier or ISP. You can count on the Ecessa Insight+ to get your network back to optimal health with no effort or thought on your end.

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