Government Services Stay Online with Secure Networking

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Local units of government — cities, townships, villages, counties — don’t close during a pandemic. Property taxes, zoning data, permitting, utilities, 911 dispatch, fire and rescue, vehicle registrations, banking access, engineering road projects—this is just the tip of the iceberg that local governments must continue to support.

Many community services that are typically handled in person have been directed online. This pushes more traffic onto municipal networks. Because everyone in the community is competing for internet service, you are no doubt experiencing higher traffic congestion, poor application performance and inevitable internet glitches and outages. These problems fall on the shoulders of government information technology leaders and network administrators to fix. Ecessa can help.

 “Ecessa provides a high-quality platform that maintains our steady, secure, mission-critical internet services. Our pair of Ecessa units work reliably with very little administrative effort! Ecessa’s customer-oriented technical support helped us successfully deploy the product and provided great support with timely responses. For product quality, value and support, I give them an A+++ rating.”

Bobson Lam, City of San Leandro

Ecessa helps local units of government across the country stay connected with their citizens with secure networking solutions that solve problems caused by internet outages, slow connections, data congestion and weak security. Ecessa SD-WAN combines reliable hardware, innovative software, network design, and support services that give municipalities seamless network and cloud operations. Whether you choose Ecessa or another solution, these are the features you need.

Internet Outage Avoidance

Service outages are inevitable. By using two or more ISPs and active/active load balancing technology, like Ecessa, to steer your critical traffic around carrier or ISP outages in real-time. Eliminate downtime and maximize user satisfaction. Keep your phones – including 911 emergency services – always available.

“There isn’t a network service provider that is going to provide 100% uptime. Ecessa protects us in the event that we have a network outage. To me it’s cost-effective insurance. Since we purchased the Ecessa, we have had no downtime.”

County IT Director

Never Down Access to Locally Hosted Services

Use Authoritative DNS, a unique product offering of Ecessa SD-WAN, to avoid outages for government employees and citizens accessing your internally hosted services.

“The Ecessa product gives complete control over our DNS infrastructure, the agility to make changes when needed and see the results immediately. The City has migrated untold services to cloud or online locations and now has the ability to ride out a service interruption without any disruption to end users. Ecessa saves our help desk untold hours.”

Bob Ambroso, City of Whittier

Over the Top Network Security

These days, there’s no such thing has having too much network security. The Ecessa device with built in Layer 7 Next Generation Firewall can be your primary firewall, provide an added layer of security to your existing network, or simply play nicely with what you already have in place.

Immediate, Expert Support for Your IT Team at No Extra Cost

Tap into an outstanding customer service team that provides expert technical support and guaranteed deployments to every customer. No tiers, no hassles. From planning, deployment, maintenance and upgrades, we make your job easier. Ecessa has spent 18 years helping local governments improve network performance and make the most of each IT dollar.

“Ecessa support is BEYOND awesome. NEVER an unanswered question. I am VERY SATISFIED with our new device.”

Alan Dean, North Fayette Township

Ecessa products are engineered to get the job done, with solutions to fit any size network and any budget. WANworX® Secure SD-WAN combines reliable hardware, innovative software, network design and support services to allow organizations to operate from multiple locations – and the cloud – seamlessly.

Please reach out to us at 800.669.6242, email us, or fill out a contact form. We’re always here for you.