Ecessa’s 2019 SD-WAN Feature Development Roadmap and Deployment Guarantee

December gives us ample opportunity to celebrate and it’s also a time to plan for the coming year. We want to send a little cheer your way with a sneak peek at our 2019 SD-WAN feature development roadmap. Our team has big plans for the coming year that include enhanced security, routing and cloud functionality. This roadmap is a result of listening and adapting to evolved customer requirements. Your requests.

2019 SD-WAN Roadmap

  • Full router functionality through the addition of BGP and Multicast features
  • Enhanced security with Layer 7 next generation firewall with IDS and IPS capabilities
  • Native, cloud-based SD-WAN instances in Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure in addition to the product’s current VMware ESXi capabilities
  • Improved application awareness with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

Ecessa customers with current SLA contracts will be able to upgrade to new firmware releases with these features for free. Instructions can be found in the support portal at

Did you know Ecessa guarantees successful customer deployments – 100% of the time? That’s right, our 16-year history of rolling out this technology allows us to take this bold stance and deliver. In a previous article, we explained Ecessa’s client-centered operating model. For us, innovative technology is table stakes, you demand it and we deliver, day in, day out. We see beyond flashy portals and slick demos  –  we focus on our customers’ needs first.

Our team takes the time to find out what each customer needs and wants with their technology, and we get to know the inner workings of every network. This knowledge gives us the information we need to recommend which SD-WAN features are right for each customer. From there, our guided deployment process guarantees successful implementation. Whether it’s a new installation or working with an existing customer to turn up additional features – we’re always here for our customers, whatever they need. You won’t get this level of attention from any other SD-WAN vendor.

We look forward to continuing our nearly two-decade tradition of innovative solutions, trusted performance and intelligent engineering – all with a focus on our customers.

Read the 2019 Roadmap Press Release

Full details about firmware enhancements including other features, improvements, changes, fixes, security enhancements, known issues and work arounds will be available upon release at