Ecessa Gig Speed Appliances Help Organizations Meet Expanding Bandwidth Demands

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Gig-plus SD-WAN devices from Ecessa offer organizations industry-leading power for growing network needs

You’ve probably heard ads for “insanely fast internet” at incredibly low prices. For all their speed and power, fiber optic networks carry the same risks as their lesser-powered cousins, cable and DSL. If there’s an outage and you only have one link, you’re dead in the water.

Ecessa removes that risk with advanced networking solutions for constant and seamless business Internet connectivity. That includes support for Gig networks. So you can take advantage of those insanely fast circuits, supporting a variety of interfaces and speeds.

With the need for enterprise bandwidth increasing faster than most businesses can keep up, the Ecessa product line allows organizations to meet their current and future bandwidth needs.

How Ecessa Gig-Plus Devices Support Enterprise Networks

Ecessa’s high performance units feature eight 1-gigabit Ethernet ports and options to combine additional 10-gigabit copper or fiber ports for hybrid implementations up to 20 Gbps total throughput.

Ecessa’s products feature award winning ISP/WAN link aggregation, load balancing, automatic failover, traffic shaping and advanced SD-WAN functionality for mission critical applications, as well as day-to-day business operations.

In our work with IT departments, we see the intense demand on bandwidth requirements first-hand. Today, organizations rely on a number of cloud applications that are used all at the same time—CRM, ERP, Office 365, voice and video conferencing, cloud storage—the number of cloud apps will continue to increase along with accelerated use of mobile, UCaaS, Citrix, BYOD and video.

We also see that WAN budgets are flattening, and in some cases declining, but there’s no corresponding tolerance for outages. Organizations need more speed and resilience for less IT spend. Contact us at Ecessa – we’ll be glad to help you meet your goals.

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