The Doctor Is In: How To Get Your Network A Free Health Check-Up

Open up and say “ahhhh.”

To ensure overall health and to prevent future problems, all systems, like all bodies, need to go in for a check-up every once in a while. Your network is no different. When’s the last time you checked your ISP’s pulse? Internet service providers of all shapes and sizes experience outages, congestion, and packet loss problems. Every month you pay good money for Internet service, but is that service performing consistently and efficiently? If your network experiences any issues, you don’t want to be informed of it by a disappointed customer—you want to be the first to know, so you can get ahead of the issue. Now you always can. Ecessa has the stethoscope you need to listen carefully to your Internet service, and pinpoint any issues that may be slowing you down.

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How it works:

  • We’ll consistently ping your IP address once a minute.
  • If we detect an outage, you’ll be notified immediately with an email alert. A series of three failures in a row indicates a down event.
  • You’ll also get an impairment warning by email if we detect a high percentage of packet loss. That can indicate congestion or other quality of service issues.
  • With the vital knowledge of your network’s performance in hand, you can make smarter decisions about how to improve your network’s performance and reliability. Along with the monitoring service, Ecessa provides a free consultation to give you a run-down of your current ISP health and performance, and map out a plan for possible improvement. We’re with you every step of way.

We’re not a real doctor; we just play one on TV.

Ecessa didn’t go to medical school, but we have been helping businesses perfect their wide area networks for over 15 years. Our network solutions feature intelligent load balancing and seamless failover technology to offer a Never Down™ guarantee. Ecessa is dedicated to helping you leverage your existing network investments, so you’ll never have to worry about poor performance or network failure ever again. With Ecessa on your side, you can easily and affordably become a Never Down business.

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