Author: John Addington

John Addington is a field applications engineer at Ecessa, and works with the sales team, our partners and end customers to present Ecessa solutions for seamless Internet connectivity for businesses. John is a passionate technologist who specializes IP Networking and in driving understanding of new technical concepts with stakeholders at every level. John can show the value of technology solutions at a high level and delve into technical minutiae and esoteric scenarios for specific needs and interests.

Q & A with Ecessa: How can I make Office 365 and OneDrive work better?

microsoft office 365 cloud

How can I make Office 365 and OneDrive work better? Q:  We recently made the switch to MS Office 365 and OneDrive for business. We were led to believe it was a smart business choice to migrate these application to the cloud, however we’re struggling with sluggish performance and sometimes our applications are unavailable. What’s… Read more »

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Q & A with Ecessa: Cisco ASA 5505 and Ecessa PowerLink

Cisco ASA 5505

Cisco ASA 5505 and Ecessa PowerLink Every day we receive emails and phone calls from IT directors and network administrators striving to make their networks run better. We’re going to share some of those questions and our responses with you in a series of “Q&A with Ecessa” posts. Today’s question comes to us from a… Read more »

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