Author: Rick Berens, System Architect

Rick Berens has a passion for understanding the intricacies of complex enterprise networks and helping partners and customers develop solutions that solve existing needs and prepare networks for growth. His degree in Computer Networking from Dunwoody College of Technology and nearly a decade with Ecessa Corporation have made Rick an expert in network design, configuration and troubleshooting. In his current role as system architect at Ecessa, he ensures successful SD-WAN deployments for clients worldwide. Rick has helped many Fortune 1000 companies achieve their goals of evolving their infrastructures to anticipate tomorrow’s demands and realize the benefits of the WAN of the future.

WAN Virtualization’s Value for Multi-Branch Enterprises

WAN virtualization

WAN Virtualization is making significant, immediate impacts on enterprise WAN architecture – and budgets. Multi-branch enterprises have been impacted by several IT trends over the past few years, with significant implications for their wide area networking (WAN) architecture. Data center centralization is one key trend. Cloud computing is another. These trends are driving needs for new… Read more »

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