John Addington, Field Applications Engineer

John Addington, Ecessa Field Applications Engineer

John Addington is a field applications engineer at Ecessa, and works with the sales team, our partners and end customers to present Ecessa solutions for seamless Internet connectivity for businesses. John is a passionate technologist who specializes IP Networking and in driving understanding of new technical concepts with stakeholders at every level. John can show the value of technology solutions at a high level and delve into technical minutiae and esoteric scenarios for specific needs and interests.

Rick Berens, System Architect

Rick Berens, Ecessa SD-WAN System Architect

Rick Berens has a passion for understanding the intricacies of complex enterprise networks and helping partners and customers develop solutions that solve existing needs and prepare networks for growth. His degree in Computer Networking from Dunwoody College of Technology and nearly a decade with Ecessa Corporation have made Rick an expert in network design, configuration and troubleshooting. As a system architect at Ecessa, he ensures successful SD-WAN deployments for clients worldwide. Rick has helped many Fortune 1000 companies achieve their goals of evolving their infrastructures to anticipate tomorrow’s demands and realize the benefits of the WAN of the future.

Sheila Hoff, Sales Operations Administrator

Sheila Hoff, Ecessa Sales Operations Administrator

Sheila Hoff works with Ecessa’s sales team and customers to keep all things organized, including Service Level Agreement renewals, reports and internal processes.

Ken LaMere, Director of Channel Sales

Ken LaMere, Ecessa Director of Channel Sales

As Director of Channel Sales, Ken LaMere leads Ecessa’s partner initiatives. Ken has over 16 years experience in channel sales with roles including: Sales, Sales Engineering, Channel Management and ownership. His experience as both an agent and working for suppliers adds a unique perspective on channel engagement.

Tina Plant, Marketing and Sales Operations Manager

Tina Plant, Ecessa Marketing and Sales Operations Manager

Tina Plant is a seasoned high tech marketer, having worked for several Minneapolis-based start ups, technology divisions of a global manufacturing firm and one media relations agency, covering a range of technology from rocks to rocket science. She is adept at telling the stories of products and companies in a fast-paced digital world.

Mike Siegler, VP of Development and Technical Support

Mike Siegler, Ecessa VP of Development and Technical Support

Mike Siegler has a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, and a Master of Science in the Management of Technology (MoT). He has worked in Engineering and Technology Development for the last 15 years at firms such as Digi International, Seagate Technology, Medtronic, General Electric and United Technologies. As Ecessa’s Vice President of Development and Technical Support at Ecessa Corporation, Mike enjoys improving wide area network performance for businesses of all sizes.

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